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5 Easy Ways to Up Your Fuel Economy

Your vehicle's MPG, or miles per gallon, is a key measure of your vehicle's fuel efficiency and how much distance a car can go before it needs to be gassed up again. If you don't maximize this number, then you may feel some pain in your wallet. Let's be real, gas prices are not getting any cheaper! We've put together a list of 5 things you can do to increase your vehicle's fuel efficiency. Here's what they are:

Tip #1 - Limit the usage of air conditioning and/or heating. The HVAC system plays a significant factor in influencing your miles per gallon number. If you like to blast your A/C in hot weather or heat in the cold winters, then you shouldn't be surprised to see a decrease in your fuel economy. To save money on fuel, try to limit the use of AC or heat whenever possible. 

Tip #2 - Minimize what you store in your vehicle. Items that weigh a ton are not fitted for long-time storage. If you want to be more cautious on how much gas money you're spending, try to limit what you haul around. You can clean out your trunk and get rid of things you don't need!

Tip #3 - Give your tires some love. Tires with uneven tread (and are under or over-inflated) or misaligned wheels can seriously decrease your MPG by a lot. We recommend doing regular checks and walk-throughs when it comes to your tires.

Tip #4 - Drive slower.You're burning more fuel by constantly pressing on your gas and brake pedals. This habit may be a hard one to break, but if you operate your vehicle at gradual speeds, then you'll yield savings in the long run.

Tip #5 - Stay on top of your car maintenance.To get the most out of your gas, you have to take proper care of your vehicle. If you stick to your car's maintenance schedule (or go beyond that), your vehicle will always run at its max potential.


With gas prices constantly increasing, you should be more considerate of your gas consumption. We encourage our customers at BG Automotive to be more conscientious of their driving habits and make an effort to increase fuel efficiency. If you need any automotive services that may affect your gas mileage, please bring your vehicle to the experts at BG Automotive today!

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