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5 Benefits of a Radiator Flush

Most drivers are familiar with essential fluids such as engine oil, coolant, and brake fluid. However, the radiator fluid is just as important as the others for optimal vehicle performance. The radiator fluid is a combination of coolant and water. It works to keep the water pump lubricated and the engine cool. Over time, the radiator fluid can lose its lubrication properties. Extended use without maintenance can prevent the fluid from freezing at sub-zero temperatures, leading to significant damage. It’s best to schedule a routine radiator maintenance service before this happens.

There are two types of radiator service: a radiator drain and a radiator flush. 

The radiator drain removes half of the coolant within the system. The downside of this service is that it leaves most of the contaminants inside. Any new coolant added to the system will be mixed with old, polluted coolant. While this service is less expensive, it’s also considerably less effective at maintaining vehicle radiator health.

The radiator flush involves injecting about five gallons of coolant within the cooling system to clean out all of the old, polluted coolant. Depending on your driving habits, a radiator flush should occur at least once a year. Check your vehicle’s owner manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific vehicle. The radiator flush is also inexpensive, but it’s still a better alternative than a radiator drain service.

Below are five benefits of getting a radiator flush:

It Lubricates the Water Pump
As mentioned earlier, the radiator fluid has additives in the coolant that lubricates a vehicle’s water pump. Getting a radiator flush helps keep the coolant in the best condition to lubricate the water pump efficiently. 

Removes Contaminants
With time, the additives within coolant began to lose their anti-corrosive properties. A radiator flush removes these contaminants to leave clean, healthy fluid.

Removes Rust Deposit
Contaminants aren’t the only pollutants that can affect the radiator. Rust and scale deposits can accumulate and cause significant damage to the radiator. This must be removed to restore efficient functionality. Rust deposits that are flushed out prevent your vehicle from overheating.

Additional Protection and Longevity
Once a radiator flush is completed, the new coolant additives become more effective in preventing rust and the accumulation of other harmful dirt and debris. Clean coolant keeps the radiator and cooling system running at its best for the long haul.

Inspection of the Radiator System
A radiator flush is a perfect opportunity to give the radiator and cooling system a complete examination. During the inspection, an automotive expert can also conduct a pressure test to check for any leaks. A comprehensive inspection gives you the peace of mind that everything is working as it should.

Radiator Service in Ft. Collins, Colorado  

A radiator flush is essential to the overall health and maintenance of a vehicle. If the radiator is neglected, severe engine damage can occur. Radiator neglect doesn’t just hurt your engine; it can also hurt your pockets as well. If you have questions regarding radiator flushes, click to schedule a service.

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