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Signs of Unbalanced Tires

When driving on rough roads at high speeds, tires will naturally succumb to wear and tear with time. Any imperfections, even small tire imperfections, can cause a decrease in performance. This is one of the reasons tire balancing is an essential part of vehicle maintenance. A vehicle is safest when the weight of all wheels are evenly distributed. BG Automotive in Ft. Collins, CO, has a top of the line balancing machine. Below are a few common signs that indicate your wheels are due for a wheel balance. 

Uneven Tire Wear
Tire tread can provide a lot of information about the health of your wheels. Tires can wear unevenly if the wheels are unbalanced. This is dangerous because if tire tread becomes too thin, it can lead to a rupture or tire blow out.

Decreased Fuel Economy
Unbalanced wheels out more stress on the engine and make it harder to power a vehicle. The resistance from the imbalance forces the engine to work harder, leading to a significant decrease in fuel economy. 

Vibrating Steering Wheel
An early sign the wheels are unbalanced is the steering wheel begins to vibrate. Even half an ounce difference in weight distribution can cause a noticeable vibration. Many other additional variables can cause a steering wheel to vibrate. It’s essential to get this symptom diagnosed to prevent it from leading to significant damage. 

Faulty Shocks and Bearings.
When wheels are imbalanced, they place additional stress on the shocks, bearings, and springs. This will cause them to wear quicker than usual. These components may need to be replaced altogether to prevent additional tire damage. 

Uncomfortable Steering
If you pay attention, you may notice the steering wheel growing increasingly uncomfortable. Steering can become rigid and more difficult, leading to significant delays in response time. The steering wheel is a critical component of your vehicle, and a decrease in efficiency can cause an accident. 

Wheel Balance Service in Ft. Collins, CO. 

BG Automotive is the premier choice for wheel balance automotive services. Our ASE certified technicians are tire experts. If you’re noticing any of the above signs, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to inspect, diagnose, and balance your wheels. 

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