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5 Helpful Tips for Better Fuel Efficiency

Gas prices can put a dent in your wallet, so tips for better fuel efficiency are always welcomed for most drivers. Better gas mileage can help save money in the long run, especially if you own a gas guzzler. A few essential maintenance tasks that can prevent frequent trips to the gas station while also boosting vehicle performance. While it's great to save money on gas, some tips improve your engine's efficiency, increasing its lifespan. Below are five helpful techniques that improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. 

Keep the tires properly inflated. 

At your next gas station trip, take a few moments to check your tire pressure. The recommended tire pressure for your vehicle is printed inside the driver's door jam. If you can't find it there, your vehicle's owner's manual will have the manufacturer's recommendation listed. Underinflated and overinflated tires can cause your engine to use more gas. Keeping them at the manufacturer's recommendation will not only save money at the gas station but prevent premature tire wear.

Limit any additional weight. 

Check how much weight your vehicle is carrying, is the trunk being used as storage? The additional weight inside your vehicle is also extra weight placed on the engine. Excess weight can force the engine to work harder and significantly reduce gas mileage. 

Drive the posted speed limit. 

Driving the speed limit can have quite a few benefits. It can keep you safe and prevent costly tickets. The speed limit can also keep the gas cost down. Vehicles typically burn more fuel when driving over 60mph, according to CBS News. Cruise control can help, don't forget to use it during a long road trip. It's also important to watch your speed, but also be aware of how smooth you drive. Driving techniques that are smooth with less sudden jerks and turns can increase fuel efficiency. 

Check the air filter and spark plugs. 

The engine air filter prevents outside pollutants from entering the engine, leaving only clean air. In comparison, the spark plugs supply the essential spark to ignite the air/fuel mixture. When the air/fuel mixture is sparked, a mini-explosion takes place that powers the engine. It's a good idea to have both inspected and replaced regularly to help your engine burn gas efficiently. 

Check the engine oil and stay on top of oil changes. 

Always use the motor oil that's recommended by your vehicle's manufacturers. It may be tempting to use the cheapest option, but using oil that isn't compatible with your engine can cause major problems. Oil that is too heavy than what's recommended can force the engine to work harder and create more friction. This friction can be damaging, cause the engine to overheat or the head gasket to blow. 

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You don't have to purchase a hybrid or fuel-efficient vehicle to save money on gas. A boost in fuel efficiency can all come down to implementing new tips and techniques. The above tips can also save money on damage and costly vehicle repairs. 

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