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How to Be a Defensive Driver

Every time you step into a vehicle, you have to understand that your safety is compromised. The reality is that we cannot control or foresee how other people drive. There are many drivers out there who are aggressive and lack consideration for others on the road. Sadly, so many accidents happen every year because of the handful of people who like to speed and drive recklessly. To ensure your safety, please make an effort to practice defensive driving. Other benefits of defensive driving may include:

  • Prevents Points from Being Added to Your Driving Record
  • Avoid Accident Fees or Speeding Tickets
  • Discount on Insurance Rates
  • Sense of Personal Responsibility

Tips on Defensive Driving

1 - Plan Ahead

Defensive driving can commence before you even start your car. If you have a mobile device, get in the habit of checking weather conditions and traffic conditions to know what to expect on your commute. 

2 - Always Check Blindspots

Whether you are changing lanes or merging onto the highway, you should check your blind spots. It is an excellent practice to do so, no matter how well versed you are at driving.

3 - Wait Longer at Stop Signs and Lights

Another excellent tip for defensive driving is to pause a couple of extra seconds after waiting at a stoplight or stop sign. Other drivers might attempt to speed through a yellow light that turns red as they cross the intersection. 

4 - Follow From a Safe Distance

You should always follow the three-second rule, meaning you should have at least 3 seconds of driving time based on your current speed between you and the car in front of you. 

5 - Brake Early if You Can

It is very recommended that you slow down sooner in slippery weather conditions. It takes 2-3 times to come to a complete stop after deciding to implement the brakes. 

6 - Avoid Distractions

Defensive driving also includes making wise decisions. The best way to practice defensive driving is to clear your surroundings in the car and pay close attention to the road. There should be no distractions such as your smartphone, loud music, and food. 


Follow these tips, and you're on your way to be a better and safer driver. At BG Automotive, we always prioritize the safety of our customers. If you require a repair or maintenance service, we invite you to give us a call or visit today.

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