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4 Reasons Why Your Engine Is Knocking

Knock-knock, who's there? Hopefully, not engine problems. If your engine has been knocking recently, it can be a significant sign of engine trouble. As such, it is best to take your car to a professional mechanic to diagnose your engine problem properly. Below are some of the common problems behind engine knocking:

Carbon Deposits in the Combustion Chamber

Though most fuels today have additives to prevent carbon deposits, it's not impossible. Carbon deposits can jam up your cylinders and your fuel injectors, causing your vehicle not to ignite the air and fuel properly. The knocking that you may hear is probably from numerous detonations in each cylinder. You will need to get rid of these carbon deposits to fix the problem.

Adding a Lower Octane Fuel Than Needed

Modern, high-performing vehicles usually require fuel exceeding regular grade. If you accidentally put the wrong octane level of fuel in your tank, your engine will start knocking. Your car will still burn through the fuel, but please don't make the same mistake again. Always put the recommended octane in your tank to avoid this problem.

Worn or Faulty Spark Plugs

Engine misfiring from old spark plugs can also cause this infamous knocking sound. If your spark plugs are way past due for a replacement, your engine knock could be attributed to their decline. You may also notice a drop in acceleration along with it.

Damaged Rod or Rod Bearings

The piston located inside each engine cylinder is connected to a rod by a rod bearing. Once your engine reaches a certain age, you run a higher risk of dealing with worn rod bearings. It would help if you had them repaired soon; otherwise, the damage can spread to the crankshaft and more. 


For all your automotive needs, including the repairs mentioned above, look no further than the certified technicians at BG Automotive. We can get to the source of your engine knock and fix it so that you can be back on the road again shortly.

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