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Engine and Transmission Service in Fort Collins and Longmont

Here at BG Automotive in Fort Collins and Longmont, we offer repairs and services to your vehicle's engine and transmission!

Transmission Repair

Transmissions take engine power and use іt to power your vehicle. Wіthout a working transmission, your vehicle will not move. Many transmissions suffer neglect, and replacing them can be extremely costly and time-consuming. Early intervention wіth transmission issues can mean minor and budget-friendly repairs that will save you trouble and money in the long run. Delaying maintenance, however minor, can potentially lead to severe mechanical failures and lengthy repairs. 

Here are some of the symptoms to look out for that may signify transmission problems. If you detect the problem early, you might be able to salvage the transmission without purging your wallet!

  • Transmission slips between gears whіle driving
  • Black transmission fluid that has a distinct smell
  • Noticeable delays when shifting out of park

If you have crossed the point of no return, and you must replace your transmission gears, then you have a number of options with us here at BG Automotive, located in Fort Collins and Longmont. 

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Disclaimer: We do not claim to be authorized dealers of the vehicle makes above. We are an independent auto repair shop who works on the vehicles listed above.

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