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Why Does My Car Burn Oil?

If you think that your vehicle is burning through oil, it could be a few different issues. All vehicles burn through oil at least a little bit. But if you feel like you need to replace the oil ever other day, this can be a big problem and you need a good mechanic right away.

There are a number of reasons why your vehicle is burning through oil. And all of them are signs that your vehicle is not working the proper way. It is also possible for the vehicle to burn oil both internally and externally.

If you notice that the vehicle is burning oil, especially if you think that the oil is being burned internally, then you need to visit your mechanic right away. While you can refill the oil on your own, when the vehicle runs through it too quickly, this is a bad sign. The more that this oil is burnt up in the combustion chambers, the more damage the engine will encounter.

Before visiting a mechanic, it is important to know how much oil the engine is burning through. You need to be on the ball here and check the oil levels often. You can check the oil when the vehicle is left on a level surface and it is cold. Check it after you drive it for a little bit, and every few days so you get an idea of how fast it is burning.

The more information that you can provide to the mechanic ahead of time, the easier it is for you to get the problem fixed. When you can explain how quickly the oil is running out and show proof, they have a better chance of getting in there and fixing the problem.

Your vehicle does run through oil just to keep the engine running and all the other parts behaving the way they should. But when the car runs through the oil too quickly, it can cause damage to many different parts.

There are a lot of things to consider when you need vehicle maintenance done on your car. Finding the right team to help will make this easier. Contact our auto repair shop today to schedule your routine vehicle maintenance.

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