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5 Simple Tire Checks

Did you know that poor tire condition is a leading cause of accidents on the road? This is because poor tire care causes tire blowouts, flat tires, and problems with steering and controlling your vehicle. If you want to save yourself time, money, and hassle out there on the road - then never ignore your vehicle's tire maintenance. 

We know that maintenance can be tricky, which is why we break down 5 simple tire checks that you can do every few months to ensure that your tires are always in good condition. 

  1. Tire tread - a tire depth gauge is a good investment. It can be purchased as cheap as $5 and is perfect for checking tire depth and tread. A new tire will have 10/32" tread, and the point when the tire tread is so low it needs to be replaced immediately is 2/32". 
  2. Wear patterns - a quick look at how your tire is wearing is a good indication of how the systems working around your tires are doing. If you notice uneven wear, such as the inside of the tire is wearing faster than the outside, you may have an alignment or suspension problem. 
  3. Tire pressure - make sure that you are familiar with how to check your vehicle's tire pressure and the proper inflation the tires should be at based on your vehicle's factory recommendations. Low tire pressure puts you at risk for tire blowouts and can decrease your vehicle's overall fuel efficiency. 
  4. Tire rotation - having your vehicle's tires rotated every 5,000 - 7.000 miles is a good measure to take in order to help all tires wear evenly and reduce the frequency of when you'll need new tires.
  5. Buy good quality tires - getting better quality tires will save you money over time on new tires and last much longer than cheaper tires. 

The five tips listed above will help you minimuze your risk of getting into an accident causes by tire issues. If you're due for a rotation or need any other assitance with your vehicle, don't hesitate to give the experts a call here at BG Automotive today. 

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