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5 Signs Of A Malfunctioning Cooling System

The thing that keeps your engine from overheating or even blowing up is the cooling system. It's a closed loop with liquid that goes through your engine block and transfers the heat toward the cooler. Now that you know how important this system is, we will give you five warning signs to look out for.


Engines overheat if not cooled sufficiently. This results in a whole lot of other problems down the road, including the engine blowing up. This mainly happens when coolant is low or completely gone. You can spot this problem with the engine temperature markers.

A/C Problems

Your A/C is connected to the cooling system because it heats the air with its help. When coolant is leaking or evaporating, this process becomes slower and can completely stop. Make sure to visit a repair shop if you notice any problems with your AC - it might save you money in the long run.

Check Engine Light Is On

The check engine light is your best friend when it comes to DIY vehicle diagnostics. How? Well, it's simple. There is some kind of problem. One of them is the cooling system. When the engine overheats or low coolant levels are detected, the light turns on. We strongly advise a shop visit if you spot it.

Leaking Coolant

Leaking coolant can be seen on the driveway or on other parts around the coolant reservoir. It can even leak from gaskets and plumbing. Punctured or melted coolant tanks are also commonly seen. Any of these things will empty your fooling liquid, so make sure to have it sorted out ASAP.

Corrosion On Cooler

Electrolysis is a process that involves the cooler itself. To put it simply, electricity makes contact with the coolant inside your metal cooler, resulting in corrosion. This can puncture the thin metal cooler, causing leaks, overheating, and more.

Cooling System Inspections And Repairs In CO!

At BG Automotive, we can help you with any problems with the cooling system or, if you suspect something else, an inspection. Stop by one of our shops, and we will be happy to help!

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